Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Conservation of Matter

Jon mentioned this morning how it was cool that I have been able to sustain Danny by breast feeding him. I thought about this and my nerdy scientific brain thought "oh my gosh all the weight he has gained and the waste he has excreted over the past 3 and a half months has all come out of me." This was a kind of strange realization because he has gained at least 5 lbs since birth and he poops and pees quite a bit and all of that should be equal to the milk that has been put into him. Bodies are weird and amazing all at the same time. That is my random thought of the day.

Me and some of my cousins are having a little book club because I decided I wanted to read more. This Friday we are meeting at my house to talk about The Help by Elizabeth Sockett. I am going to try to make some carmel cake like Minny makes in the book. My first practice attempt from last night didn't work out too well because I accidentally put too much salt in it. Oops. I think I'll try again tomorrow night and if that one doesn't work out then I'll see if I can put something together on Friday after work. The book was fantastic and I am really excited to talk about it with my cousins.

Friday, May 13, 2011

That was dumb

So I just did a super stupid thing. I was going to mow the lawn and the mower wasn't starting so I checked the gas and it looked a little low so I grabbed the gas can and pointed the nozzle into the tank then pressed the button to let the gas flow. This may not sound so stupid right now, but I did not mention that the gas can was warm and full of expanded gas fumes. When I pushed the button a gust of gas fumes went into the tank and blew a whole bunch of gas up into my face and all over me. I got gas in my eyes and ran inside to rinse them out. I don't think I caused any permanent damage and the gas smell hopefully should wash off easy. Dumb. Jon is now going to fill up the gas can and he is going to mow the lawn.

In more positive news, the garden is doing well and Danny is as cute as ever. I'll probably try to put up some more pictures soon.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day

This is my first mothers day as a mother. It has been pretty good so far. Jon made me some breakfast in bed and gave me a new lens for our camera. It is a cannon 50 mm lens and I love it! I did a little photo shoot with it to test it out. These are some of my favorites.

(Danny looks scared in this picture and it makes me want to laugh. He is so expressive.)

My garden is starting to grow and I am very excited. The onions are growing like crazy. The peas, spinach, and lettuce are starting the come up. And the tomatoes are doing excellent in the wall-of-waters; I think we will probably take them off soon because maybe it will finally stop snowing.

Also we are now in a new ward and it starts at 11:00 and that is so so so so so much better than 8:30.

Happy mothers day to my mother and mother-in-law. You guys did a wonderful job of raising Jonathan and I and you are both doing an excellent job as grandmas. I love you both.