Monday, February 6, 2012


It is over a month after Christmas, but I have not posted any pictures of stuff on the blog. So here goes. 

We chopped our own Christmas tree again this year and it was a much better experience than last year. 
 We bundled Danny and the rest of us up and headed to the forest area that we could cut our tree from
Jennifer, Phil, Grant, and Lincoln came with us to chop a tree and when their van couldn't make it up the snowy forest road anymore they hopped in the truck with us. 
 Unlike last year we actually made it to the forest that we were allowed to chop our tree in. We passed the place where we chopped our tree last year probably 4 miles from the forest. Oops.
I stayed in the truck with Danny while the others searched for a tree. They found two nice tall ones and started bringing the first one back. 
I went out to help haul in the trees;
 While Jennifer watched Danny in the car. 
We loaded the trees in the truck and it was a tight fit to get the trees and passengers all in. 
We made it back down to the van and tied the trees to our cars. I thought the truck looked like a Christmas unicorn. 
So this tree may look a little different than the massive tree we chopped- because it is. We put the massive 18 foot tree at my parents cabin and my dad got us a small tree for our place. 
On Christmas morning after opening a few presents at our house we went over to my parents house to open some more. 
Danny did pretty good for his first Christmas. 
We all had a good Christmas and had a fun time with our family. 
Danny started walking around Christmas and has been getting better and better at keeping his balance. One of my friends from the Young Women presidency gave us a balloon and Danny had a blast playing with it. 
Most of the pictures I took ended up pretty blurry because Danny was either running or shaking the balloon wildly. 

I think this will be all I post for now. Danny's Birthday is tomorrow and we had a little party at my parents  yesterday, so I'll probably blog and post some more pictures soon.