Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Time flies when you have 3 kids

I don't know if it is the fact that I'm getting older, not sleeping, have 3 children, or a combination of all the above but time seems to fly. Some days and some nights seem like they go on forever, but somehow the weeks and months keep running. Anyway, I thought I should update my blog with what is going on these days. 

Lila is now 10 months old and is just the sweetest little thing ever. She is almost always happy and takes a lot of love from her brothers that is nowhere near as gentle as I would like. She has been climbing up the stairs for months and has still not learned how to go down despite my efforts to teacher her (I think she can't figure out how to turn around and back up so her feet are headed down first). 

She loves baths, her blankie, and scavenging for food and bits of paper or garbage on the kitchen floor. So far she has eaten most anything we have tried to feed her and starts jabbering impatiently if she is in her high chair too long before food comes. The boys like to distract her while she is eating and she likes to look at them and that can make feeding her pretty messy. 

She recently started to take the lead on peek-a-boo and it is adorable. She will hide behind her bib, blanket, or the door and then laugh when I excitedly acknowledge that she is back. 

Kyle is my big three year old boy (sporting the awesome lederhosen looking knit romper I am almost finished making. I have been on a knitting kick recently). It is a good thing this boy is so adorable and sweet at times because he can be a stinker. He is very determined, often contrary, and he is a climber so this creates plenty of opportunities for frustration and mischief. Kyle likes to help me in the kitchen by adding ingredients to things and of course tasting everything. Kyle loves to be outside and likes walking to the river not far from our house to throw rocks and sticks off the bridge in to the water.
Both boys have had fun playing in the snow recently making snow men and eating the snow. I started them in swim lesson in January so they would have something active to do to burn all the little boy energy they have plenty of. They seem to be enjoying them. 

Danny, where do I start in describing Danny? Danny loves to create things, he can be stubborn, if given his choice would almost always choose to watch a tv show, and he often follows his little brothers lead in making mischief.
Danny is often inspired in his creativity by books we have read or shows he has watched. This is when Danny decided he wanted to be a lemur after watching wild kratt's. He got really into it. He found a tail, he made himself ears out of paper and taped them to his head, we tied his teddy bear on him because the baby lemurs ride around on their mom's back, and I indulged him in his desire to have some lemur scent by giving him some old scented body spray. He ran around as a lemur scent marking things and jumping around for quite a while. 
This was the buried treasure he buried in the muddy sandbox one warmer day between snow storms. He will get an idea and just go do it. This can be a little hard for me sometimes because this little stuffed chick-fail-a cow was not the only thing that got covered in muddy sand on the buried treasure day. With things like this I am a little better about not being bothered by the mess. He recently went on a book making kick (he got the idea after we read "If you take a mouse to  school"). He stapled pieces of paper together and drew pictures and then he would tell us the story that the pictures depicted. 

Danny and Kyle can play together nicely, but often Kyle likes to argue and Danny can be very stubborn and this leads to quite a few conflicts between them. No one wins in an argument with a 3 year old. 

Here I am with the crew. Most of my time is spent doing my number 1 job which is keeping everyone alive and trying to teach them to be good humans. I feel like I'm doing pretty good at this and we have fun in the process. Knitting has been one of my creative outlets recently because it is something I can do while keeping an eye on kids (sometimes) or while watching a show with Jon after kids are asleep. I have a tendency to knit with wreckless abandon and I make up my own patterns as I'm going along sometimes. I have to start over and occasionally things don't turn out quite how I imagined, but for some reason it doesn't bother me. 

Jon is halfway through his 3rd year teaching at East and he enjoys it. He is teaching quite a few different classes, working on his ESL endorsement, and is serving in the young men's in our ward. He has quite a few things going on, but he is good to make sure he is around to spend time with me and the kids. I am so glad we get to see him as much as we do. I think we are all happier because if it. 

That is as much of an update as I have time for now. I am going to try to be better about posting small things here and there because my blog is pretty much my journal these days.