Friday, January 30, 2009

Attempts at being domestic

Last week because we still didn't have jobs or much to do we decided we would attempt to be domestic and make some bread. We started out by going over to my mom's house and grinding some wheat into flour. It was kind of messy but when we were done we had some lovely fresh whole wheat flour. The next day we busted out the family recipe book and used the a wheat bread recipe that I'm sure my mom got from some Relief Society thing about food storage and such. We got to use our lovely new Kitchenaid and it was fantastic! I love that thing.

Here is our first family photo: Jon, Me, and the Kitchenaid mixer. Aren't we so cute.

After using our kitchenaid to mix our dough we put it in the oven to cook.

We waited for about 30 minutes while it cooked and cleaned up a little, and then our bread was done.

It was super cute and very tasty.

I think that our attempts at being domestic were very successful. We might not look too attractive in those pictures because I'm pretty sure neither of us had showered or tried to get ready, but we found out that we are excellent bread makers.

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  1. That is so awesome! I'm going to need some baking skill lessons from you guys. My bread never comes out looking like that. Plus it's so heavy once you have one slice your full for a week! I loved all the pictures of you guys. Especially the last one. Jonathan, you look really wrinkly in that photo. The first signs a marriage. Tee hee