Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wednesday Mornings

Jon is taking a class this summer in the morning and luckily we have been able to successfully work out babysitting for  Danny. It is actually pretty awesome because family is watching him the whole time. We weren't able to find anyone for Wednesday morning, but my work was ok with me coming in late so I could watch him for the term. This morning we hung out at home and took some pictures. We went outside to check out the garden and Danny enjoyed playing in the dirt and being outside.

This is one of my peppers and my tomato plant. I took the wall of waters off them because I thought they could use the sun. I hope the tomato does ok because as you can see it is kind of in the shade of a tree in the morning.
 My little peas are also growing nicely. In this bed I planted the carrots, spinach and lettuce all of which are starting to put up little sprouts.
 The weeds in the backyard are growing quite nicely :) Actually I prefer the grass and dandelions to the nasty prickly things we had growing back there last year.
Since Halloween I've had these crates on the porch and have been trying to cute-sy up my porch with decorations in them. This is the summer version of my crates. I might have to dig something else up to go in the little red pot because those things that I pulled up aren't doing too hot luckily I have lots of weeds I could dig up and put in there.

I was thinking that I need to take pictures of more than just Danny, so I took some pictures of the daughter of the girl I visit teach. She is a real cutie, but most of the pictures were out of focus and really dark. I had to have Jon remind me how to use Photoshop to brighten these up a little.

 This may sound mean but I like the tears in this picture. Tears are a reality in life. 
 A girl in the ward made this little tu-tu, sadly there weren't any other pictures that showcased it well. 
 She probably has more hair than Danny does and I just loved it. It was so wild and adorable. 
Mommy always knows how to make things better.

Thanks again Gillian for letting me photograph your little girl!