Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I am shocked that Jon has not blogged about this yet because he blogged about us getting to level 12 on bejeweled. Yesterday Jon got a new application for his ipod and has been messing with it ever since. The application is one that will sync his google calendar with the calendar on his ipod. He has also set it up so that whenever he adds something to any of his calendars it also adds it to my google calendar. Last night he was up into the wee hours of the night putting all the immediate family members birthdays and setting them to repeat yearly, he also put our church schedule, stake conference, family parties, the phases of the moon, christian holidays, and a plethora of other things on the calendar (I tried putting an event on the calendar scheduling sleep but he disregarded this). We finally went to sleep after everything he could possibly think of was in the calendar. It is pretty funny because now every time there is something that we find out about he gets all excited and tells me to create an event on the calendar. Hopefully with this new calendar system we will be able to attend all of our various family, work, and social activities. It is surprising how it seems like you actually have stuff to do when you put everything into a calendar. Don't forget that Friday is Hoodie-Hoo day; I know I won't because it is on my calendar.

Get This...

So Andrea and I have a slight addiction to playing Bejeweled (Bejeweled 2, for those of you that are Bejeweled lovers) on my iPod, and until just now our highest ranking was level 9... but guess what? we got to level 12! You should've seen it! We got through level 11 without using our two vortex balls... TWO!!! I'm still in shock and awe at our awesomeness. You should be too.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New Widget

So I've been doing some searching through all of the amazing things Google has done and is doing and I'm amazed, don't ask me to go on or I'll talk your ear off. Currently I'm testing out the blogger widget on my dashboard. oh Google, I love you.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New Apartment

We got our new apartment on the 30th of January and have been moving in for the past little bit. Things are starting to shape up and look somewhat like a livable space. We took a bunch of pictures so all can see our humble abode. Now lets take a tour...

As you walk in the front door and look to your left you see our lovely potted plant, our tv, some assorted boxes(these are not permanent), and our really long hall way.

Here is another view of our lovely living room. In this photo that lovely little item next to the tv is the heater for our apartment. The living room is usually quite toasty where the rest of the place can be quite frigid at times.

I know I tantalized you with seeing a small peek of the couch in that last picture so I thought I would reveal the whole thing. TA DA! Also you may notice our lovely front door seen in the right side of the photo. That is pretty much the whole living room so we will now take a walk down the hallway. If you take a look back at the first picture you will notice that there are three doorways on the right side of the hallway. What might be inside doorway #1 you ask?

A KITCHEN!!! Yes door #1 does indeed contain an entire kitchen complete with-

Table, chairs,

fridge, oven, stove, microwave, kitchenaid, drying rack for dishes, limited counter space, and sink. The kitchen is pretty good except for the minuscule amounts of counter space. Door # 2 in the hallway is just our closet so that isn't too exciting, but what is behind door # 3 you might ask.

The answer to your question would be our bedroom. This is our lovely bed with a random assortment of stuff on it.

Here is a nice action shot of Jon putting stuff away. You can also see that I am standing on our bedside table in the mirror on the wardrobe in an attempt to capture the full grandeur of our bedroom.

Now we have left the bedroom and are looking back down the hall at where we have been. But wait! There is another door here on my right(that cannot be seen in this picture). What could possibly be behind this door???

A BATHROOM?!?! I never would have guessed. Yes this is the humble commode in our humble abode. That sink is midget height- even I have to bend over to use it.

Here is another shot of the bathroom. I was attempting to get a shot of the shower, but you get the general idea.

Thus completes your tour of our new apartment. It is cute and little and perfect for us. So far everything has been pretty good(the shower didn't work the first morning Jon tried to use it, but it was fixed later that day so all is now well).