Saturday, January 11, 2014


Tonight I had the most terrifying experience I have had in my life. I was making dinner and Danny and Kyle were in the kitchen with me. Kyle was walking around with his bottle of milk and I heard him fall and then cry a little bit. I looked over and he was sitting on the floor with his mouth wide open in the deep breath before the scream face. I ran over to him and picked him up and called for Jon to come upstairs; I think I was wondering if he saw the fall because what I thought happened from the sound I heard was just a plop on to his behind and that definitely did not warrant this type of reaction. I knew something was wrong when the scream didn't come after a few seconds and then he started turning purple. I tipped him face down over my arm and whacked him on the back maybe twice (and honestly probably not as hard as I needed to if something was stuck in there). I tried to stick my finger in his mouth to see if there was anything in there and his jaw was shut tight and I had to force my finger in. At this point Kyle was very blue and purple and kind of curled up and limp. Jon called 911 and I laid him on the floor ready to do CPR. I tilted his head back and lifted his chin up and again swiped my finger in his mouth to see if there was anything I could feel in there (I think this was wrong I think I was just supposed to look). I put my face down close to him and he started breathing and opened his eyes. This all happened really fast and by the time Jon was giving our address to the 911 lady Kyle was breathing. We had her send the paramedics anyway because Kyle was acting really lethargic and docile after nearly dying and we wanted them to make sure he was ok and that he hadn't aspirated whatever he seemed to be choking on. They checked his capillary refill and listened to his lungs and said everything sounded good. It was around the time that the paramedics and police officer got to our house that I started crying, but up until that point I was running on adrenaline and surprisingly calm. I have cried off and on since then. 

I feel truly blessed that Kyle is ok. A little while after the paramedics left he perked up and wanted to finish his dinner. He has been his usual happy self ever since. When Jon came up the stairs and saw me holding our blue baby face down he asked what he should do I immediatly told him to say a prayer, he quickly prayed that Kyle would be ok, and then I had him call 911. I know that Danny was watched over during this little crisis because he uncharacteristically stayed out of the way until Kyle had started breathing again and then wanted me to hold him. I am so grateful that we are all alive and safe because I can't imagine anything more difficult than losing a member of our little family. This was the first time I have ever used my CPR and first aid training for something major and it made me want to take another class to refresh my memory, but I was glad that I knew what I did and had the clarity of mind to use it. 

Friday, January 10, 2014

Kyle update

To continue my random updating on what my kids are doing here is Kyle's list. 

Kyle: 1. Kyle has been learning all sorts of new things. This week he has decided that he is going to use walking as his main way to get around. He has been able to stand up and walk by himself for a few week but up until recently he would stand up and walk a few steps when it suited him. 2. Going along with the walking thing Kyle is also a climber. He likes to climb up on the back of the couch and play with the remote. His other favorite thing to climb is the stairs especially now that he knows how to go up and down them. 3. Kyle is anti-cup right now. If I give him his milk in a bottle he will chug it down no complaint; not so for a cup. He knows how to drink out of a sippy cup and a straw, but prefers to throw them on the floor. 4. Kyle says a few things his vocabulary currently includes: mama, dada, dan-da (Danny), nana (banana), he also says gama and baba (grandma and grandpa). Besides babbling that I don't always understand lots of giggles, spit, raspberries, tongue clicks, and shrieks of delight also come from Kyle's mouth. He also knows the sign for milk. 5. Kyle likes to play in small spaces. Between the wall and curio cabinet or under tables and chairs are some of his favorites. 6. Kyle likes to eat paper. He isn't picky any kind of paper will do but the one I am usually scooping out of his mouth is toilet paper. 7. Kyle loves his blankie. His blankie is a soft fleece one with blue, brown, green, and white stripes. When we put him to bed he likes to bury his face in it then chew and drool on it. 

I don't think I forgot anything major, but if I think of anything else I'll add it to the end of the list. 

Here is Kyle in one of the boys favorite Christmas presents... A cardboard box. 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Random update

I am not falling asleep for some reason and I keep thinking about what the boys are up to these days, so I decided to make a list. 

Danny: 1. Danny is obsessed with punching right now. I don't know why the fascination, but everything is punching. The weird thing is he isn't punching things because he is mad or frustrated all the time; although he will swing at me when he is. The attempts at stopping all punching were not really working, so I decided to let him punch the bean bag in the basement. We probably just need to figure out other ways for that boy to burn off his excess energy while we are cooped up inside for the winter maybe that will reduce the punching. 2. Danny is pretty much potty trained (hallelujah!). Oh my gosh why is potty training so frustrating as a parent? I was really frustrated at first because we would have such good progress and then for a while he refused to use the toilet or he would just not care and pee in his pants. We scrapped the whole underwear thing for a while and went back to diapers because it is hard to keep your cool sometimes when you are cleaning up urine all the time. I think he realized during those few days that he missed his cool big boy underwear and the traditional pants free run around the house after he used the potty (yeah, we are still working on getting pants and underwear back on before leaving the bathroom). 3. I think Danny inherited my impeccable sense of smell. Danny will often say things like "what that smell is?" Or "Smells like..." Whatever. It is pretty hilarious to hear him start sniffing the air to try to figure out what it is he smells. 4. One of Danny's favorite things to do when uncle Mikey is home is to go up to his room in the morning, sit on his bed, play on his iPad, and eat anything edible he can find on his nightstand (usually gum or ricola). Uncle Mikey has some pretty fun games and books on his iPad and Danny would play on it all the time if he could. 5. Danny is a good helper most of the time.  He puts away his laundry in his drawers and picks up toys. 6. Danny loves music. He likes to sing and have us sing to him. His all time favorite song is probably the cougar fight song. He also likes primary songs, songs that mom and dad make up, and right now he loves Roar by Katy Perry. 

Alright I think I might be tired enough to go to sleep now. I'll try to write what Kyle is up to tomorrow, but I make no guarantees. 

This is Danny doing his "closing eyes smile" he named it himself. 

Photo Book

I made a photo book of our Holidays and it gave me a link to put it on a blog. I thought that was pretty perfect since I haven't put anything on our blog in months. Enjoy!

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