Saturday, July 20, 2013

It's official

Kyle is a mobile baby. I think it is time to retire that bouncy seat. Luckily he hasn't mastered the crawling skill so he isn't fast but he can scoot around good enough to get to something he wants to chew on.

Today was Cody Westover's baby blessing. It was nice to see the Westover's and be there for that but Danny was being super tantrummy so that was stressful. I think that it didn't help that I am sore and tired from running the Bryce Canyon Half Marathon yesterday. 

The half marathon went well. Especially considering I didn't really do anything in the way of training. I think it was really motivating to have Jennifer to run with most if the way. I lost her around mile 7 when i took a potty stop. I finished with a time of about 2 hours 23 minutes from my timing, but we'll see what the official results are. I had a lot of fun hanging out with Jon's sisters Jennifer and Melinda and Jennifer's friend Leann at the race. I don't know if I want to do another race without training again. Hopefully next time I decide to do one of those I have more discipline and actually prepare. 

Now I am going to go to sleep because it has been a long weekend. 

Monday, July 1, 2013

Wedding etc.

My baby sister got married last weekend on Friday. It was a good, busy, and hot day. She was married in the Mount Timpanogos temple and it was really lovely and I felt the spirit very strong during the sealing. I love that we can be with our families forever.  We took some pictures in the sweltering heat outside the  temple and my cousin was getting a lot of unsolicited advice from one of the groom's uncles. Needless to say she was not super happy with her self appointed assistant. After the temple we went to a luncheon at Blue Lemon and it was delicious. My mom had each of us siblings say something at the luncheon and I resisted the temptation to talk about flatulence, pants wetting, or stinky feet. We are glad that Carrie got married to such an awesome guy and are excited to have Erik as a part of our family. 

When the luncheon was over we went and picked up our boys from Jon's mom in Draper and chatted with her for a while. She has been awesome to help watch them while we have been doing wedding stuff. After that we came home and all took a nap for a bit. Jon got up because he was assigned to help load cars and no one was here so he texted my mom to ask how to help. Julia and him started cutting grapes and then I helped load coolers when my parents got home. We got the kids up and ready and headed to Alpine to the Fjeldsted home for the reception. Ashley took some family pictures of us and then we were about ready for guests. Most of the time we were there Danny jumped on the trampoline with his cousins and we chatted with family and friends. It was a record breaking hot day so we were glad for shade and ice cream but it was still pretty warm. 

We left with our boys a little before the reception was scheduled to end at 8. Kyle and Danny had been surprisingly good at the reception, but Kyle was exhausted and cried the entire way home  and for quite a while after we got home because he was so overly tired. I need to remember that if he does not nap well and stays up later than normal I'm not going to have a fun time trying to calm him down so he can fall asleep. When my patents got home we helped unload the car and put things away. We had quite a bit of ice cream left over and lots of berries but hardly any croissants and no chicken salad. I think my mom did a pretty good job at estimating how much food to do. We stayed up late that night taking about everything that had gone on that day and finally went to bed. 

It was nice to have a Saturday after the wedding to just relax and have fun. Jon, Michael, the boys, and I all went to Seven Peaks around 11. The little boys and I left after about two hours and Jon and Mikey stayed until about 5. Danny had a lot of fun and was jumping off the edge of the pool in to the water and was even putting his head under the water all by himself. I think he will soon be brave enough to go on the little slides. 

That night we had dinner at the blue pablano where Ryan is a cook and had some tacos. They were good, but I got taco juices spilled all over in my lap and that was not so great. 

On Sunday we all went to church and then most of the family came over for dinner. Jon and I had a family dinner up at his parents home but we still got to visit with  my grandparents and other out of town relatives before and after that dinner. 

It was a busy weekend, but it was fun to see lots of family and Danny as always enjoyed hanging out with his cousins. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bread and Birth/Fathers Day

My Birthday landed on Father's Day this year and so Jon and I had a fun weekend of celebrating. One of the presents Jon got me was a bread dome. It is so I can make delicious crusty bread. I made my first loaf last night and it was beautiful and tasted good. I can't wait to become a bread master. Thanks babe. 

I figure I should put an update of what is going on with the boys so in the future I know. Kyle is a drool machine; he is super slobbery and loves to put anything he can in his mouth. I mentioned before that he likes to be on his tummy and will probably start crawling soon. He can pivot and turn in any direction he wants and has now started to get up on his knees occasionally. We have tried giving Kyle rice cereal twice now and he has gone after the spoon but I don't think swallowed any of the food. He is super good natured and social and will smile at anyone who will look at him. Danny is very much a two year old. He wants to do everything himself and his way. He is a pretty good talker and likes to narrate what he is doing. Some of his favorite things to do are go outside, make stacks and knock them over, look at pictures and videos of himself, play with Kyle, hold on to the pull-up bar (aka the pipe), go to nursery, count things (he usually gets stuck in a loop because 7 comes after 6 and 10), and hear stories about Danny. He is a handful but usually is pretty good and doesn't have too many tantrums. Danny also likes to say "to infinity and beyond" and then jump off things. He will also reenact times that he or someone else has fallen over  I think he is going to be a fan of slapstick comedy. Some of his common phrases are "that be silly." "I eat em. Nom." "I'm gonna get you." "Kyle drool on me" "It's ok Kyle" "time out all done" "Hi Kyle. How are you? Good?" "Kyle fallosleep" When playing with the phone "Hi. I have a question for you. Bye." "I go outside no shoes" "I be crazy boy" "it's the chicken man!" "That parsley growing so big" There are more things that he says all the time but those are the ones I can think of right now. 

The boys are fun and they keep us busy. It has been fun to have Jon home to hang out with. Danny especially likes having him here and asks "where daddy go" whenever he is gone. 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Things are growing

The boys and the garden are all growing good. Danny is my little gardener and loves coming outside to look at the plants. He has finally grasped the concept that not every plant will grow strawberries. For the longest time he would point at each plant and say "this grow little strawbies on it." Kyle has mastered the art of rolling from his back on to his tummy. He spends most of his time on his tummy now maybe because he forgot how to roll back the other way, but he is usually happy so it won't be long before he is a very mobile little guy. 

So far this summer we have gone swimming a few times and Danny likes the water but is a little nervous and kind of clingy when we first get there. Kyle is ok with swimming and he doesn't even get too upset when he gets splashed in the face by his brother. Hopefully by the end of the summer Danny will be brave enough to go down the slides. 

Carrie is getting married in a few weeks and we have been pretty busy with that. I can't believe she is old enough to be getting married, then again I can't believe I have two kids sometimes. Time keeps moving forward. 
FYI: this year I planted carrots, green onion, peas, tomatoes, cucumber, red bell pepper, Anaheim pepper, cilantro, a yellow squash, and a zucchini. The carrots and green onion haven't come up very strong, but the peas are doing great and we have started harvesting some already ( I don't think any have lasted longer than five minutes from when we picked them because Danny likes them so much).

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sleeping through the night

I always hated getting the question "is your baby sleeping through the night?" I never know what people mean by that. I think a better question would be "How are you sleeping?" Or "How is your baby sleeping?" Or even "Are you getting enough sleep?" Maybe I just didn't like that people take this sleeping through the night thing as a milestone like rolling over that they can brag their child is doing at such an early age. With Danny I don't think I wanted to try to sleep train him to get rid of his night time feeding. Getting up to feed him was a time I got to cuddle and be just me and him because I was working full time. I'm sure if I had been too exhausted to function I would have done things differently, but it worked for me and I didn't mind being up in the middle of the night for a little bit with him.

That being said last night was Kyle's first time sleeping through the night by my definition which is: he went to bed at or before the time I did and when he woke up to eat I didn't go back to bed for more sleep after feeding him. So he slept probably for 8 or 9 hours. It was great. Kyle has been a very good natured and mellow kid and he takes quite a bit of rough playing from Danny who doesn't seem to understand the concept of being soft or careful with him.

Jon finished up his student teaching last Friday and he is now applying for jobs. There is a pretty promising looking job up at East High School in SLC, so we'll see if anything comes of that. He has graduation in about a week and a half and I think he is excited to be finishing college.

Danny just went downstairs, so I better make sure he isn't getting in to anything he shouldn't.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Baby coming

I'm trying my first blog post on my phone. I woke up this morning and found out that my sister-in-law Julia had gone to the hospital because her water broke. They were down visiting for a baby shower and I guess the little one decided he wanted to be born. Jon and I are now watching Lexi, Lily, and Kyle. My mom went up to the Rootstech geneology conference for a little bit and my dad needed to go to the cabin for a bit, so he took Danny with him. This has given Lexi and Lily a chance to bond with Kyle. I think they are going to like having a new brother. 

We took rides around the house in the strollers for a little bit to help entertain the girls. 

Cousin bonding. Kyle has been super happy today; I think he is excited for his new cousin to be born. 

This weekend is turning out different than I expected, but it has been exciting. I can't wait to see what my new little nephew will look like. 

Friday, March 15, 2013

Pictures of boys

It has been a while since I posted anything on our blog because I have been busy wrestling 2 kids and trying to keep everyone alive. I got out the camera and took some pictures of the boys today wearing their brother shirts. 

 This is Danny playing ring around the rosie with Kyle. I thought it was pretty funny. 
I think Danny is going to be like his mom and enjoy gardening. I have already planted carrots, onions, and peas. Yesterday we watered the garden one watering can at a time and Danny thought it was great. 

So I am very very excited about the warmer weather we have been having recently. It makes me want to garden and be outside. I have been meaning to give Kyle a bath for days, but I'm not willing to try that while Danny is awake so it hasn't happened yet. Danny running free while my hands are full with Kyle in the bath is a recipe for disaster. I guess that is just the way it goes when you are the second child. With Danny we are working on trying to be more polite because right now he has a habit of just demanding what he wants and he will even sometimes add a "right now" on to his demands. Doesn't really make me want to let him look at pictures of himself on my phone when he says "look at pictures right now!" 

I am going to a Mary Kay conference tonight and tomorrow and staying over in Salt Lake, so we'll see how we all survive 24 hours apart. I hope the boys are good for dad and I can find a place to pump. 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

2 Years Old!

Things have been going pretty good at home with the boys: Kyle has been super good and way mellow and Danny is 2. As long as I can keep Danny entertained he does pretty well.  Danny likes reading books and this one "my mon-tur" is one of his current favorites.

For Danny's Birthday we had a little party at our house where we ate macaroni and cheese, opened presents, and had cupcakes.

 Danny loved the Mater and McQueen he got from grandma.

Today as part of Danny's Birthday celebration we got all bundled up and took him to the farm at Thanksgiving Point. He got to ride a pony and see all sorts of fun animals. 

I'm glad that I caught this moment before Danny made sure he was a safe distance from the little horse. 

I'm starting to get more sleep, so life is going pretty good. I could write a lot more about what has been going on but I don't really want to right now so the pictures will have to do. 

Monday, January 21, 2013


We went on an over night get away up in Draper with Jon's family for the holiday and had lots of fun. We watched TV, played games, and just hung out. Danny was pretty good at giving clues in Disney Hedbanz: if anyone had a character that he recognized he would point and say who it was. We had to start making sure that Danny didn't know the characters so that the other kids could guess who they were. I think one of the boys favorite parts was swimming in the hotel pool. We brought our camera down to the pool and took a bunch of pictures. 

Danny liked jumping off the steps to mom and then having dad throw him up in the air. I think he is really going to like swimming at Seven Peaks this summer.

I took a few pictures of Kyle doing some tummy time the other day while Danny was napping. It looks like he is going to be a strong little boy like Danny was.

Kyle will be one month old tomorrow. It is crazy how time flies. I think we are all getting used to our new life with mom staying home and baby Kyle being here.