Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bread and Birth/Fathers Day

My Birthday landed on Father's Day this year and so Jon and I had a fun weekend of celebrating. One of the presents Jon got me was a bread dome. It is so I can make delicious crusty bread. I made my first loaf last night and it was beautiful and tasted good. I can't wait to become a bread master. Thanks babe. 

I figure I should put an update of what is going on with the boys so in the future I know. Kyle is a drool machine; he is super slobbery and loves to put anything he can in his mouth. I mentioned before that he likes to be on his tummy and will probably start crawling soon. He can pivot and turn in any direction he wants and has now started to get up on his knees occasionally. We have tried giving Kyle rice cereal twice now and he has gone after the spoon but I don't think swallowed any of the food. He is super good natured and social and will smile at anyone who will look at him. Danny is very much a two year old. He wants to do everything himself and his way. He is a pretty good talker and likes to narrate what he is doing. Some of his favorite things to do are go outside, make stacks and knock them over, look at pictures and videos of himself, play with Kyle, hold on to the pull-up bar (aka the pipe), go to nursery, count things (he usually gets stuck in a loop because 7 comes after 6 and 10), and hear stories about Danny. He is a handful but usually is pretty good and doesn't have too many tantrums. Danny also likes to say "to infinity and beyond" and then jump off things. He will also reenact times that he or someone else has fallen over  I think he is going to be a fan of slapstick comedy. Some of his common phrases are "that be silly." "I eat em. Nom." "I'm gonna get you." "Kyle drool on me" "It's ok Kyle" "time out all done" "Hi Kyle. How are you? Good?" "Kyle fallosleep" When playing with the phone "Hi. I have a question for you. Bye." "I go outside no shoes" "I be crazy boy" "it's the chicken man!" "That parsley growing so big" There are more things that he says all the time but those are the ones I can think of right now. 

The boys are fun and they keep us busy. It has been fun to have Jon home to hang out with. Danny especially likes having him here and asks "where daddy go" whenever he is gone. 

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