Saturday, May 17, 2014

New House

My photo tour of the new house: we are still moving in, so don't judge the piles of boxes and stuff too harshly. 

First room inside the house is the front room. 
Off of the front room is the staircase to goes upstairs. 
On the right when you go upstairs is the boys bathroom. The only room in the house that is decorated thanks to my mother-in-law Karen.
I need to give credit to Jon too because he helped with the bathroom and watching kids because I was off having a girls weekend with his sisters while this bathroom project was happening. 
Across the hall on the left is the boys bedroom. 
They do pretty good in the same room, so we are leaving them together for now. Danny keeps getting out of his room and not wanting to go to bed at night. Hopefully it is just getting used to the new house and that we are no longer sleeping in the dark basement so it is still light when we are putting him to bed. 
Next to the boys room on the left is another slightly smaller bedroom that is currently being used to pile random stuff in. Next to that bedroom at the end of the hall is a linen closet (I didn't take a picture. It just looks like a linen closet).
Across the hall from the smaller bedroom is our bedroom. 
You can't tell from the picture, but there are two closets and I'm pretty excited for my own closet. 
This is our master bathroom. Excluding when we lived at my parents this will be the first place we have lived with more than one bathroom. That is the whole upstairs now back down the stairs to the front room to see the rest of the house. 
This picture is kind of dark but from the one front room picture you could kind of see the dining area too. 
Here is my kitchen. I am loving using my stuff again, but I already shattered the glass lid to my rice cooker on the tile floor. Bummer. 
A different angle of the kitchen/dining area from over by the windows. 
From the dining area you go down a few stairs to the family room. From the family room you can go out the sliding door to the back yard. 
Hello my back yard. 
Back inside the house next to the family room is another bathroom and the laundry. Also next to this is the door to the garage and across is a door down to the basement. 
The basement is another place that is just piles of stuff right now. This would be like a second family room or something. 
The basement bedroom is going to be craft room and office eventually. There is also an unfinished room in the basement that is plumbed to be a bathroom. 

That is the house. We are excited for our new adventure, but there are things I will definitely miss about living with my parents.