Thursday, January 27, 2011

Getting ready for baby

I was looking through the pictures on our camera and I realized it has been a while since I wrote anything on our blog. I'm not really going to write much about Christmas or Christmas Eve, but I thought this was a pretty sweet picture.

Christmas Eve was spent with my mom's side of the family and we had fun doing our traditional Christmas Eve stuff: Pinata, Nativity (I was Mary- pretty sure it was type casting on that one), drinking frappe, and white elephant gift exchange (we ended up with the flat-D flatulence filter and a plunger bedazzled with plastic jewels). Christmas morning we did our own presents then went over to my parents to do more presents and then had lunch at my grandparents. After that we headed up to Draper and had Christmas with the Ware side of the family and had a lot of fun eating, opening our stockings, searching for the pickle (sadly we were not the winners this year), and playing some games. That is all I'm going to say about Christmas.

With my due date rapidly approaching (one week from today) we have been trying to wrap our minds around the fact that we are really going to have a baby. It is still a little crazy to me that in less than two weeks I will have birthed a child. I'm not very dilated, so the doctor told me last week that they would let me go a week past my due date before inducing me if everything was ok with the baby and I. I'm hoping that I don't go a week over, but I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high just in case I do. In the past two weeks I have had 3 baby showers and have felt very spoiled. On the 15th my sister-in-law Julia threw a baby shower for me, and I got a bunch of fun stuff. Then on the 20th after work we had a little baby-shower with the girls there and my favorite friend at work, Rachel, organized that. Then on the 22nd Jennifer, Melinda, and Karen had a baby shower for me up at Melinda's with the Wares, McKellars, and some close friends of Karen. After three baby showers I am feeling very spoiled and pretty set with bunches of stuff for this unborn child.

I feel like I have a pretty good stockpile of diapers, wipes, and butt paste with the ones I have bought and the ones I have been given. I have been told that a newborn goes through diapers like crazy, so I guess I'll see how long my stack lasts.

This is a pile of some of the other stuff that I got from the baby showers. In this heap of bags and such are a bunch of clothes, a bathtub, a gate, blankets, burp cloths, a boppy, a bumbo, a moby wrap, and all sorts of other things both cute and practical.

Along with all of the baby stuff I got something else I have never had before- a pedicure. Last night I had a girls night with Jon's mom and sisters. It was super fun and fabulous. This being my first pedicure I wasn't quite sure how it would be, but it was nice. I sat in a massaging chair and had my feet in a little hot tub and the lady washed and scrubbed and lotioned and massaged my legs and feet. They also clipped and painted my toenails. Parts were a little painful like when she was clipping the excess skin and cuticles around my nails and when she put on some warming lotion stuff after scrubbing my legs with an exfoliant, that kinda burned in a few places. It tickled quite a bit when they took their little sand paper block to the bottom of my foot, but after the foot massage I had in Taiwan the little bits of pain and tickling with the pedicure were nothing and I was able to maintain my composure. When I got home from work today I wanted to take off my shoes and socks and walk around barefoot because my toes are all cute and painted. So I did even though it is kinda cold.

Just FYI taking a close up picture of your foot while pregnant is kind of difficult. I probably should have got out the bigger lens because that might have been easier, but I didn't think of that until just now. After the pedicures we went to Wendy's and chatted and had a good time. I was just thinking that Jonathan and I got pretty lucky because we both like the others family and get along well with them.

We still have a few more things that we could do to get ready for the baby to come, like get his room ready, but those are things that can wait. I am really excited to meet this little boy when he is finally outside of my guts and am curious to see what he will look like. I have been pretty lucky and have had a good pregnancy overall and I am hoping that the next little while until he is born and the delivery part goes good too.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


So, I've been waiting on a good RAM deal for quite some time now and just the other day I found it... two 4GB sticks of ram for my lappy toppy. I Installed them on Saturday and was really upset because after installing it I booted up and it kept giving me this screen.

I was all bummed out and worried that I had bought some crummy ram but I decided I was going to troubleshoot the problem the next day (when I wasn't so frustrated that it wasn't working) So today I cracked the laptop open again and tried plan #1, take it out and put it back in. To mix things up a bit I swapped the location of the two sticks. I turned it around, fired it up... and no error! I've been running it all day and no error. Just some really really fast loading stuff.

8GB of RAM... you're so good to me.