Friday, January 30, 2009

Attempts at being domestic

Last week because we still didn't have jobs or much to do we decided we would attempt to be domestic and make some bread. We started out by going over to my mom's house and grinding some wheat into flour. It was kind of messy but when we were done we had some lovely fresh whole wheat flour. The next day we busted out the family recipe book and used the a wheat bread recipe that I'm sure my mom got from some Relief Society thing about food storage and such. We got to use our lovely new Kitchenaid and it was fantastic! I love that thing.

Here is our first family photo: Jon, Me, and the Kitchenaid mixer. Aren't we so cute.

After using our kitchenaid to mix our dough we put it in the oven to cook.

We waited for about 30 minutes while it cooked and cleaned up a little, and then our bread was done.

It was super cute and very tasty.

I think that our attempts at being domestic were very successful. We might not look too attractive in those pictures because I'm pretty sure neither of us had showered or tried to get ready, but we found out that we are excellent bread makers.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Dang... So last week on some wild moment of craziness I promised Andrea we could exercise on Monday. Now I'm like the rest of ya, I prefer to sit on the couch and eat potato chips but to be honest I really liked it! (gasp!) I think most of the reason I didn't used to like exercising was because I never really knew what to do. Being married to a personal trainer is REALLY nice :D


Saturday, January 24, 2009

So guess what? I tried on Andrea's pants the other day. It was supposed to be a joke in that they made it to my calves or something - but they just kept on going! So I naturally took pictures... what a lucky wife I have.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009


So yeah, we went and did it... we got married. Here's a picture for your enjoyment.

Who would've thought that this baby would be marrying that baby?

Anyway, I'm not to good at formatting these blog things. I know... me... not good at something? It's crazy to think. Well, since this blog is called Andreon, I think we'll have a little bit of input from the Andre of the whole mix up.

We've now been married about 19 days and the novelty of this whole marriage thing has worn off. We pretty much just live in the same place and coexist... kind of like when you live with a roommate you don't really like that much. Just kidding. So far married life has been pretty good. I am starting to go crazy though because I don't have a job and I need some structure in my life. Currently we have no income, but we don't really have too many expenses so it is working out ok. I have also discovered that since being married I have become a professional moocher. Last weekend we got 3 free dinners and a free lunch. People say that there is no such thing as a free lunch, but if you are eating your parents food then I would like to argue that there is.

Besides mooching food off of our parents- since being married we have been returning some gifts that we got doubles or triples of and we have gone to the temple once a week for the past 3 weeks. Speaking of returning gifts... With the money we got from returning some of our gifts we have purchased two very cool things: a Kitchenaid mixer and a Jack LaLanne Power Juicer. I haven't used the kitchenaid yet, but it is BLUE!!! And the best part about it is that I got it for cheaper than the white ones are regularly. I am very excited in case I hadn't made that clear yet. The juicer is also awesome. Already we have made a plethora of juices and are loving the juicer. The juices we have made so far are carrot, carrot orange, orange, and apple grape. We also bought a pinapple to juice later. Getting gifts has been one of the awesome things about getting married because all of our family members and parents friends have been very generous and given us a load of stuff. I'm working on my thank you cards right now and I was feeling like they were pretty cheesey, but then I had Jon write one and his was worse so I am feeling a lot better about my thank you card writing abilities.

The people to make sure the furnace is working good should be here soon so I think this will be all from me for now.

Andrea & Jon