Friday, January 10, 2014

Kyle update

To continue my random updating on what my kids are doing here is Kyle's list. 

Kyle: 1. Kyle has been learning all sorts of new things. This week he has decided that he is going to use walking as his main way to get around. He has been able to stand up and walk by himself for a few week but up until recently he would stand up and walk a few steps when it suited him. 2. Going along with the walking thing Kyle is also a climber. He likes to climb up on the back of the couch and play with the remote. His other favorite thing to climb is the stairs especially now that he knows how to go up and down them. 3. Kyle is anti-cup right now. If I give him his milk in a bottle he will chug it down no complaint; not so for a cup. He knows how to drink out of a sippy cup and a straw, but prefers to throw them on the floor. 4. Kyle says a few things his vocabulary currently includes: mama, dada, dan-da (Danny), nana (banana), he also says gama and baba (grandma and grandpa). Besides babbling that I don't always understand lots of giggles, spit, raspberries, tongue clicks, and shrieks of delight also come from Kyle's mouth. He also knows the sign for milk. 5. Kyle likes to play in small spaces. Between the wall and curio cabinet or under tables and chairs are some of his favorites. 6. Kyle likes to eat paper. He isn't picky any kind of paper will do but the one I am usually scooping out of his mouth is toilet paper. 7. Kyle loves his blankie. His blankie is a soft fleece one with blue, brown, green, and white stripes. When we put him to bed he likes to bury his face in it then chew and drool on it. 

I don't think I forgot anything major, but if I think of anything else I'll add it to the end of the list. 

Here is Kyle in one of the boys favorite Christmas presents... A cardboard box. 

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