Thursday, July 8, 2010


Have you heard of it? Have you played it? Join in on the sensation that is sweeping the globe and play Dominion today!

So Andrea's cousin Teri and her husband (Mike) Draper have this game and have invited us over a couple of times to play it. I thought it was fun and all but I didn't quite catch the dream... until this week. I was chillin' at a 5th of July party at Andrea's G-parents and we were all sitting around so I said to Draper, "Hey Dummy, you up for a game of Dominion?" and he said, "yeah" so we played, and then we played again, and again and again.

The next day Andrea had a girls night with her friend April so me, Draper, and Jon Davis had a dude gathering and we taught Jon D how to play. When I got home that night I thought, 'I gotta get me some of this action!' so I put dominion on my Amazon wishlist and then started googling frantically for an online version. Fortunately I'm an awesome googler (or G-man) and I came across this gem of peculiar beauty: Brett Spiel Welt don't let the german scare you because there's a lot of english and the game itself is in english.

So basically I've been playing a lot these last few days. I've made some friends (okay, only one tbm22... he's german) and have taught my sister Jennifer and my brother-in-law Mikey how to play and discovered that my crony Kyle Wayne knows how to play and so does my homedawg Alex (he served in Germany)

Let me know if you want to play and we totally will!

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  1. too bad you're not working right now> it's totally slow and you could have taught me how to play