Sunday, March 13, 2011

Excited for spring

Every year when it starts to warm up a little I start thinking about planting a garden. I absolutely love garden vegetables and I like being outside, so the garden thing just makes sense. In our current place the dirt is not very great and the space we tried the garden last year ended up not getting much sun, so this year I want to try a square-foot-style garden. Yesterday we went up to Draper and Jonathan built us two garden boxes at his parents. One is 2' x 4' and the other is 2' x 3'. We are probably going to buy some dirt and put the boxes right in the middle of the backyard so they will have plenty of sun and good soil to grow in. My current plan is to have the shorter plants like spinach, lettuce, carrots, and onions in one box and then have the larger plants like tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and a melon in the other. I worry a little about our plants getting too big for their boxes, but I'll deal with that if it becomes an issue later in the summer. I am very excited to get our garden boxes ready, so I can plant some peas (it is still too early for almost everything else). I'll take pictures and write more once there is something to take a picture of.

Also in baby news- Danny rolled over once! It was crazy. We were watching a BYU basketball game at my parents and my mom set him down on the floor on his tummy to play. He somehow got his one arm under his body and after a lot of squirming he slowly turned from his tummy to his back. It hasn't happened since, but it was kind of fun watching him wiggle and flail his way onto his back.

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