Saturday, December 29, 2012

One Week Old and Lots of Snow

(After his first bath at home)

Kyle is now a week old and is doing good as far as I can tell. He is eating, sleeping, and pooping like new born babies are supposed to. I have felt really confident in my ability to take care of this little guy because I have done all of this new baby stuff once before with Danny. The problem is I don't just have a new born baby I also have a toddler. I'm not really sure what Danny thinks about Kyle- yesterday and this morning he was wanting to hold him and give him hugs and kisses, but he has also been freaking out over random things. I don't know if the tantrums are jealousy, age, sleep, or illness related or a combination of any of those but it is not fun having your previously good natured child throwing a fit. Oh well, I guess this is just a learning opportunity for us right now. Hopefully we can figure out how to keep both kids happy most of the time. I am so glad that Jon is between semesters right now and has been here to help out with the boys. It is much easier managing things when there are two of us, especially since I'm supposed to be letting myself heal and so I have been trying not to pick Danny up. Jon took Danny up to Draper today to play with his cousins while he helps his dad with some work, so I decided to organize our family photos on the hard drive while Kyle is napping. I'll put up some pictures of Danny playing in the snow with Jon and my brother Michael and a few more of Kyle from that same day.

(Danny sporting a new hat and mittens from Matt and Julia)

(Danny had fun throwing the snow balls that Jon made for him)

(Danny's favorite part of playing in the snow was helping uncle Mikey and Dad shovel)

There are some pictures and my random thoughts on having two kids. Kyle is waking up so that's all for now. 

Diapers Used: 52

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