Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day

Yesterday was Father's Day and Jon gave me the nicest present. I was actually having a pretty rough day yesterday I don't know if it was just a combination of not feeling well and being stressed about girl's camp this week, but I was just feeling poorly. So Jon cleaned up the kitchen for me. This was something that seriously needed to be done and I am very glad he did it. So I kinda don't think that Jon had the best day ever, but I did bring him some toast in bed (after he asked me to) and he got some cool prescription sunglasses as his present from me and Danny. It also was a little different because we didn't go to see either of our fathers who both live close we just called and texted them with our father's day wishes. The menu for dinner at my grandma's with my side of the family didn't sound good to Jon, so we just hung out at home and did our own thing. Thanks for being a good husband and father and taking care of your wife even though it was supposed to be your day to be pampered. I love you.