Sunday, April 19, 2009


Yeah, so it's been a stinking long time since we posted anything on here and we've probably lost all of our followers. Shucks. So I'm gonna take a leaf from Jon Davis' book and I'm just gonna make a numbered list of things going on these days.

1. I'm now taking my motorcycle class, it's really really fun and I quite like it.

2. I start up class next Monday (not tomorrow) and I'm excited slash not excited.

3. Tonight we're going over to the King's place and we're gonna have dinner and knit. When they found out that I know how to knit they immediately decided that we would all get together and knit. It should be fun.

4. Andrea graduates this week and it's going to be awesome! Unfortunately I couldn't get Thursday off work, but I was able to get the last half of my Friday shift off so I'll be able to be there.

5. I got my media center working! To any of you who don't know what I'm talking about I took both my sisters old computers in an attempt to turn them into a computer that we can plug into the T.V. and digitize all our DVD's and watch our favorite TV shows over the internet, but... they turned out to be too old, and Jennifer told me that one day her computer made a popping noise and smoke came out of it... so I decided to go to the BYU computer surplus sale and I found the perfect little Dell, it was a steal of a deal especially since it already had the right video card I needed.

Well, it's actually time to run over to the King's (they live across the street) but I decided to be more diligent in posting on this blog, especially since I'm going to be working nights at NuSkin and I'm sure I'll have lots of no call time to blog.


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  1. Man, you are going to be super busy. It's so cool that you are going to school here though. :)