Tuesday, April 28, 2009

This too shall pass

So it finally happened, due to complications with school I was forced to shave my facial growth. Instead of just shaving it all off at once I decided to have some fun with it.


I was going for sabretooth/wolverine in this one

Here we have some handlebars with mutton chops, the next picture's better

I ended up liking this one so much that I wore it for the rest of the day

Here it is without the handles

Andrea said I looked like a pedophile at this stage, hence the pedosmile

Farewell mustache

It's surprising how naked I feel now

Last but not least I got a haircut to match

So there you have it! I enjoyed my time with a beard. Whenever I walked into a room people knew I meant business, there was never any visible evidence, but I could tell they feared me and my facial growth. Maybe one day I'll be able to grow it again, but that day is very very far away.


  1. Good luck at the BY today! :)

  2. I think it makes you look older!
    I like it. What deos Andrea think? Love you, Mom

  3. Ha ha, pedosmile. Have fun with school!

  4. I think it makes me look younger (you mean having is shaved right?) Andrea says I look cuter without a beard, but she also says she had grown accustom to it and therefore slightly misses it. She's really quite Switzerland on the whole beard situation. Class was really great today. I'm really enjoying going to BYU, it's gonna stink when I have to start going to UVU, ugh.