Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween fun

This year we did more the week before Halloween to celebrate than we did closer to the actually holiday. On Monday the 18th Jonathan and I went over to my cousin Ashley Webb's and we had a little party. We carved pumpkins and ate delicious treats with Ashley and Karl Webb, Teri and Michael Draper, and a couple that are friends of the Webbs. It was a lot of fun.

On Wednesday the 20th we hosted a murder mystery dinner at our house. It was really fun to have everyone over all dressed up and acting like fools.

Jonathan and I were a Casper White, nerdy-supernatural scientist, and Lucy N. D'Skyes, a snoody socialite.

My sister Carrie was a Pam Pyre, a disco dancer, and my cousin Vincent was John Wolfman, a DJ.

My brother Michael and his girlfriend Makenna were Frank N Stein, the "play-boy" wine steward, and Ivana Hunt, the safari tour guide.

My cousin Ashley and her husband Karl Webb were a zombie bar-maid and Mumford "Mummy" Clumsie, the clumsy security guard.

My cousin Teri and her husband Michael Draper were a stock broker and Freddy a fire man.

My friend Megan was Elvira Ebony, a goth movie star, and her friend Randy, was Jaques Ripperier, a plastic surgeon.

Sadly the solution was dissappointingly simple, but I think everyone had fun dressing up and being crazy.

On Friday the 22nd we went to our ward Halloween party. We dressed up as batman and robin and were robbed of the award for best costume. Jon is convinced that the couple announcing the winners said the wrong name. We had fun even though we didn't win best costumes. At the party we also had a little tunk or treat thing and I was fool enough to stick my hand into a mysterious bag. Inside the mysterious bag were 2 live snakes. I felt them and actually wrapped my hand around one and squeezed. It kind of freaked me out a bit. I wouldn't have minded touching a snake if I knew I was going to be touching it, but it was completely unexpected so I kinda freaked out. The guy whose snake it was thought that was pretty funny. I'm just glad the snake didn't have a problem with some random hand coming and squeezing it. Blech.

Other than that we didn't do much for Halloween. On Friday the 29th we were supposed to have a party with some members of the ward, but the wife of the couple was sick so that got cancelled. Saturday the 30th we went over to my parents house and played games and ate some treats. We got to see Alexis and Lilly in their Halloween costumes, and that was fun because they were super cute.

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  1. Are the spaces between each paragraph supposed to be pictures of each couple? Because they aren't popping up if they are. Sounds like it was a fun week!