Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Danny slept through the night last night! It was pretty fabulous. I still woke up a few times, but went back to sleep quickly when I realized he was still sleeping. I am hoping that he will make a habit of this night time sleeping thing.

I thought I would include some of the videos Jon has taken of Danny in this post because they are very cute. It is nice because Jon will take a video of Danny and then email it to me so I can watch it at work during my lunch break.

We find out soon if Jon won the iPad. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


  1. It was so fun to watch him yesterday! Thanks for letting me! You are one lucky momma-my babies didn't sleep through the night until they were 6 months old!

  2. I hope you won that Ipad Jon because I remember you said if you ever win 2 Ipads, you would give me the 2nd one. I'm one step closer after you win this one...
    I won't forget :)