Saturday, June 11, 2011

Summerfest Baby Contest

So it is official; Jon and I bred a winner. Ok, so he didn't win first place but he did win second in the 4-6 month age category. We entered Danny in the baby contest because like all parents we think our child is the most adorable thing in the whole world. He won over the judges with his cute smiles and charming personality. His picture that they took there was not his best work, but oh well.

On to his winnings. In his little 2nd place gift basket we got a stuffed puzzle animal, bubbles, doTerra oils, stuffed animal, Cascade golf gift certificate, Texas Roadhouse free appetizer, Allen's photo certificate, a ball, a book, and a Taco Amigo gift certificate. The estimated retail value of the basket is $101.75.

Here is Danny with his winnings.


  1. This is so validating! Now I can get one of those license plate holders that says my grandkids are cuter than yours.