Monday, November 5, 2012


Grandparents are one of the best things ever. The past few weeks have been kind of crazy on the Grandparent front for me. Over conference weekend we took a quick last minute trip to California to visit my Westover Grandparents with Michael and my parents. My Grandpa has got dimentia and my Grandma thinks he is deteriorating very quickly. We had a nice visit with them and enjoyed watching conference and got to see quite a few of our other California relatives too. I brought the camera and had fun taking some picture of Danny with his second cousin Stephanie and then getting pictures with my Grandparents.

Even though it was a really long drive for a short visit it was good to see everybody and it was good to see my Grandpa when he can still kind of remember us or at least pretend like he does.

On Wednesday the 10th I had arranged for my cousins Teri and Ashley to come over and make applesauce with me and my mom. I thought it would be fun to get together and learn something new and it would make the work go a lot quicker. Not long after my mom got home from work and we started into the applesauce project she got a call from my Grandpa Snow saying that he was following the ambulence to the hospital because my Grandma had passed out and they were on their way to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center. At first I wasn't too worried but then my Grandpa called back and said they were at the hospital and they were doing CPR. We were originally thinking that she might have just fainted because my Grandpa had mentioned she hadn't eated much, so we thought it was a blood sugar thing. You usually don't need CPR if you are having a blood sugar issue. My mom left and went down to the hospital to be with her dad becuase he was very distressed. We kept on making applesauce and my mom called and said they thought Grandma might have a blood clot in her lung and asked my dad if he could come down to help give a blessing, but he thought she should find someone at the hospital to help because that would be a lot quicker. Not too much later we got another call from my mom saying that Grandma had passed away shortly after she had been given a blessing. This was so surreal because I was expecting that either of my Grandpas could die at any time, but I had never thought that one of my Grandmas would be the first of my granparents to pass away.

We had a funeral on Monday October 15th and it was really good. The grandkids and great grandkids that wanted to participated in a musical number and I cried through half of it while trying to sing. It was a really nice funeral and I had been worried about Danny being cranky and running all over during the funeral. Jon's parents and sister came down for the funeral and Danny sat with them and Karen got Danny to go to sleep in her arms. I thought this was a miracle because it has been ages since Jon or I have been able to get Danny to fall asleep anywhere besides his crib or the car (Grandparents are just amazing like that).

It has been very comforting to me to know that this life is not the end and that I will get to see my Grandma Snow again. The peace that the gospel brings is amazing and I am very grateful for that. I know that my Grandpa and my mom and her siblings have been comforted by this knowledge too. Jon and I both have amazing families and I am grateful for the good examples and support we have all around us.

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