Thursday, August 7, 2014


I made pickles! It was very fun and I think I am slightly addicted to canning right now with the new auto canner thing my mom got for us to share. Here are some pictures from the pickling.

These are the cucumbers I used. They are baby cucumbers because all of the pickling cucumbers at the store were gross looking. 

These are the spices that go in to the jar with the cucumbers and the brine. 

They were really easy to make. I just made the brine by boiling the stuff in the recipe (water, vinegar, pickling spice, sugar, and pickling salt), then I dumped the bowl of spices in, shoved the sliced cucumbers in, poured brine over the top, then stuck it in the canner, and pressed the button. 

Here is the cool canning machine. It's nice because it doesn't sit on my stove and I can clean up all my mess while it is sealing the jars and doing it's stuff. 

Look at my cute jars of pickles! I can't wait until I can eat them (the recipe said wait at least 4 weeks so they have a good flavor). I am having lots of fun with this thing and I plan on canning lots of other stuff once my tomatoes and stuff are ripe. 

Life is kind of same old same old around here. Hanging out with wild little boys and keeping everyone alive. We did go on a fun trip to Idaho for a family reunion and that was great. Let me think if there are any new things my kids are doing. Kyle has started saying "hold me" rather than "uh uh uh" (up up up) when he wants to be held. He likes to be held a lot sometimes I think it is for safety. Danny isn't too rough with him but will occasionally plow him over in true big brother fashion. Danny's favorite thing is swinging in "baby swings." 

We borrowed one from grandma and grandpa Ware for our play set to accommodate his passion. 

Life is good. Like always there are good days and bad days, but the good days help you get through the bad ones. 

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