Thursday, September 25, 2014

Little update

We tried the pickles just barely and the boys love them! They are pretty strong, but that didn't stop us from nearly eating the whole jar. 

In other updating- Danny is going to preschool and he loves it! The first day he didn't want to leave he had such a fun time. Kyle gets sad every time we leave Danny at preschool and repeats "Danny?" for a good part of the drive home. It's pretty cute that Kyle misses Danny even though he usually naps the whole time he is gone. Kyle likes to show me what he is doing and whenever he stacks something or lines toys up into a "train" he announces his accomplishment with a "look mommy!" Kyle likes to look at books even though he sometimes thinks we should be turning the pages much faster. Danny likes books too but given the choice would much rather watch Curious George than read. 

Our garden has been bursting with tomatoes and I have been lacking in motivation to preserve them, so my mom came up yesterday and helped me make tomato sauce. I was very grateful that she came. If it wasn't for her and visiting with Ashley I probably would have been much more frazzled when bedtime finally rolled around because Jon had parent teacher conference and wasn't home until after 9. Also because of the tomato sauce extravaganza I made pizza dough and we are going to use the left over sauce on that tonight for dinner. Win win!

That's all for now. 

Here is the pizza I made with yellow tomato sauce 

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