Wednesday, March 25, 2015


I just saw this in my list of posts and it didn't publish before for some reason, so here is thanksgiving:

This has been a very busy week. We had a Thanksgiving party for the grandkids with grandma Ware. It was cute and the boys had fun. 

I guess the pictures of Danny from the party are on Jon's phone, so I just have Kyle here. 

We also chopped our Christmas tree and had a good time doing that. I was excited and started decorating before Thanksgiving. We even had a visit from the Christmas luchador. 

We found out this week that we are having a baby girl! We are very excited and I have so far resisted the urge to buy frilly and pink stuff. 

Thanksgiving was great. We went to the Ware's and had dinner with Jon's parents and it was quiet and delicious. Mikey was sick over the holiday and it was kind of a bummer because he couldn't join in the merriment and feasting. He is on the mend now and we are hoping the rest of us don't get sick. 

My mom, two of my aunts (Jenny and Kathy), and I sang in a choir that performed tonight. The concert went great and it was awesome to sing in the tabernacle. 

It has been a crazy week and it's not over yet because Jon and I are speaking in church tomorrow. Hopefully that goes well because we haven't had a whole lot of time to prepare. Our topic is charity so I think it will be a great topic to talk about at the beginning of the Christmas season. 

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