Thursday, March 26, 2015

Lila Dawn Ware

I guess I'll start where I left off in my post about itching and try not to forget any of the details!

The hospital called me at around 6:30 Wednesday morning and said that they would be ready for me to come in between 7:30 and 8 to be induced. I had some toast and double checked that I had everything ready to go. I gave my sleeping boys each a kiss and then went and woke up Mikey and had him go get in my bed, so the boys would find him when he woke up. I think I must have woken Kyle up with my kiss because I heard him talking with Mikey and went to say goodbye before I left. I told him that I was going to go to the doctor and have baby bun and that I would see him later. He then told me, "Baby Bun's shoes are hiding in a secret place. When she comes home she will find them." I thought that was pretty funny because I was the one who had hid the baby shoes because the boys kept going in the nursery and opening and rearranging her things.

We headed to the Intermountain Medical Center in Murray and got all checked in then went in to the labor and delivery room that would be mine. The nurses hooked up all the monitors and poked and prodded and did all their things they had to do to get me ready to have a baby. They checked my cervix and I was only at a 1 so my doctor ordered a medicine that would get my cervix ready before they started any pitocin. I took that medicine and waited for the next 4 hours having some minor contractions and watching Downton Abbey. The nurse said because I wasn't on the pitocin yet I could eat and so she got me a sandwich around lunch time. It was amazing! She was seriously the best nurse ever and my worries about this day being long and miserable like when I had Danny were slowly being alleviated. After that they started me on a low dose of pitocin and said they would increase it from there as needed. My doctor came in and checked me and broke my water; I was at a 3. My contractions had been pretty mild and I didn't want to be stuck in the hospital bed if it was still going to be a long road ahead, so I hadn't got my epidural at this point. After my water was broken things picked up a bit and I got my epidural when my contractions were about 5 minutes apart and getting pretty uncomfortable. I was glad I asked for the epidural when I did because by the time it was kicking in I was not wanting to be as uncomfortable as I was. Even with my epidural I was uncomfortable because I could feel quite a bit of pressure down low because baby had been sitting really low in my pelvis for weeks and pressure though uncomfortable is different than pain and you still want to keep feeling that while in labor.

The nurse who had been with me all morning was almost done with her shift and I was having contractions every 2 minutes and she checked me again and I was still at about a 3. She decided that we could turn off the pitocin which we had never turned up and see how my body did from there. This was all at probably 3 or so in the afternoon. Because my pitocin was off my contractions had gotten weaker and kind of irregular, but I would still have a strong one occasionally. I have been fighting a cold for about a week and still have a bit of a stuffy nose and cough. Jon and I were talking and he said something that made me laugh and so I started coughing and after that I would break into random little burst of coughing. Around this time with one of my random weaker contractions I felt something change with the pressure down in my crotch, it felt weird like a couple gas bubbles moving and then I felt like I needed to have a bowel movement. I pressed the nurse button and my new nurse came in. She had come in a little earlier to introduce herself, but hadn't gone over things with my previous nurse yet about me and how things were going. When she came in I told her that the pressure had changed a bit and I was now feeling kind of like I needed to go to the bathroom. She left to go see if she could find my old nurse and get the details on me, but came back a few minutes later because she was taking care of another patient. While she was gone I was resisting the urge to push with the occasional contraction because I did not want to do anything that was like pushing while there was no one there. The nurse checked me and was surprised to find me fully dilated with a baby's head practically coming out. I coughed a little while she was checking and she said "whoa don't do that" she called my doctor down and got all the stuff set up while I resisted all urges to push.  When everyone was ready my doctor said next time you feel the need to push do it. I had another contraction and I started coughing and the baby came out. My doctor and the nurses were very amused by how easy I had just made delivering a baby seem. It was very very easy. They wiped her off a little (she was all covered in the white goo because she was early) and handed her to me. When they put her on my chest I almost cried because she was perfect and in my mind I knew her name should be Lila Dawn. I held Lila while the doctor and nurses took care of what they needed to with the placenta and everything, but I didn't have any tearing at all with the delivery. Jon took a few pictures and I told him that I thought her name should be Lila and he responded after a little bit "Yeah, Lila Dawn." I hadn't mentioned what I thought her middle name should be and was very happy that we both came to the same conclusion even though Lila hadn't been very high on our list of names previously (Lila is Jon's maternal grandmother who died before he was born). 

I fed and held sticky baby for about an hour after she was born before the nurse took her over to the little baby station to be weighed and measured and everything. She was born at 15:55 and when they weighed her they said she was 6 lbs 1 oz and was 19.5 inches long (but on her paperwork they have 6 lbs even). I was still bleeding for a while after the delivery and so the nurse kept me down in the labor and delivery room rather than getting me ready to go up to the mother baby unit. During this time my heart rate and blood pressure were really low so they kept checking my vitals and did an EKG which was normal. 

At around 7 I made it to the mother baby unit and I had some dinner and Lila went to get all checked out and have a bath. We have been hanging out in mother baby ever since and are getting used to life outside the womb. I love our new little family member and I can't wait for the boys to meet her in real life when I go home tomorrow. 

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  1. Yaaaaay! Congrats! And I'm glad delivery went smoothly and everyone is healthy.