Monday, October 19, 2015

6 months since my last post...

Now to think what has happened in the last 6 months. After Lila was born it was a crazy time of Jon finishing up school and everyone getting used to life with our new little girl. The boys took a while to adjust to the new sibling. Kyle definitely has had the hardest adjustment, but he no longer hits Lila every time he is near her. I think for this post I will just dump a bunch of pictures and see where things go from there.
 (sleeping smiles 3/29)
 (Kyle after playing in the Snow with uncle Mikey 4/15)
 (Boys playing outside and blowing bubbles 4/21. Yup there was snow the week before this)
 (Trip to the park with our friends down the street 4/28.) 
 (After bath time 5/13) 
(Lila's blessing day 5/30. Her little bonnet came from Jon's baby blessing set, but he didn't wear it when he was blessed.) 

So, I have labeled these pictures multiple times and it is not wanting to publish... I am just going to publish it as it is for now.

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