Thursday, August 2, 2012

Fruits of my labors

Here are some of my cute little peppers, tomatoes, and onions from my garden. We got a bigger tomato off the plant the other day but we devoured it already. I love it when my plants are producing. I think we are going to make some fresh salsa with these little guys. I don't know if I will get any more of the light yellow peppers because the plant is really small, but it looks like I should get a few more purple bell peppers and a lot more tomatoes and anaheims.


  1. Oh andrea come plant plants at my house and then teach me how to care for them so they don't wither and die. I want to make salsa with you. I have 8 giant tomato plants that are currently living and hopefully will get a haul.

  2. I hope you get tons of tomatoes! The fresh salsa I made turned out really good, so let me know if you want the recipe.