Sunday, July 29, 2012

Girl's Camp

I thought I should put up a few of the pictures I took at camp on my blog. Camp was awesome and I think all the girls had a really good time. Just for record keeping purposes camp was June 19-23 and it was at Mia Shalom. 
Home sweet home for the week
 Most of the picture I took on Wednesday when we were doing things as a stake with their certification years. They had a confidence course, canoeing, volleyball, and certification that they did that afternoon. 

 Some of my girls back at camp being silly

 Practicing for our skit

 Singing camp songs at the amphitheater. I don't think it was this night but we did get an award one time for our energy and participation in the singing.  

We had a lot of fun at camp and I am going to miss ALL my young women when we move.

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