Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day 4- Mother's Day

Happy mother's day again to my mom and Jon's mom. We called both of them earlier today (which was about 10:30 Saturday night for them) and wished them a happy mothers day. This morning we went to church with Lloyd and Relief Society and Priesthood was first. Luckily there was a nice girl who had gone to BYU Hawaii that translated for me so I was able to understand the lesson. After that we had sunday school and then sacrament meeting and Jon translated for me for those. I was glad I had people helping me out so that I could still catch what was being taught. During sacrament meeting the stake president released the second counsellor in the Bishopric and then they called Lloyd as the new second counsellor! That was pretty cool and very surprising. He is such a good guy; he has been a member for 3 years now and he has already been ward mission leader, Elders quorum president, and now he is in the Bishopric. We ended up bringing 3 of the kids to church with us (the others didn't wake up), and by the time sacrament meeting came the twins (they are 10) were pretty restless luckily when Lloyd went to sit on the stand the primary president came and sat where he had been sitting and kept them from going too crazy. At the beginning of the meeting they had Lloyd give his testimony and that was really cool because even though Jon got distracted listening and wasn't translating I could feel the spirit very strongly even though I couldn't understand what he was saying. After church we sat in while Lloyd got set apart and ordained a high priest. Then we walked home with the boys and this is when we called our moms. After that we went and talked with Lloyd's family a bit and shortly after we started talking to them Lloyd got back from his meetings. We then had lunch and after lunch Lloyd was going to take a nap, so I decided to nap too. While I was napping Jon played on his computer then we got up went to a fireside. Elder D. Todd Christofferson and his wife were here and they were giving a fireside for the single adults. Lloyd is a single adult and we figured we would like to hear an apostle speak and we would probably see people that Jon knew from his mission too. Sister Christofferson talked about how she decided that she should marry Brother Christofferson and then Brother Christofferson talked about having faith and not fearing things like getting married and raising children. He also talked about how this generation needs to bring more people to the gospel so there are enough righteous people to welcome the Savior when he comes again to the earth. It was a good talk. Also it was cool to see how they do the translating for things like that (they have the speaker give a sentence or so and then the translator will translate it and they go back and forth like that). When that was over we found quite a few people that Jon knew and talked to them. He had a lot of fun talking to people that he knew from the wards he served in. He then showed me around the church building and told me about how they have 2 sister missionaries that are assigned to the temple and church block- kind of like a mini temple square and they use that building like they would a visitors center. After that we came back home showered and talked to Lloyd family again. They seem to think it is really funny to try to talk to us in English when they are drunk, so they kept telling us how handsome we were. It must be hard for Lloyd not to have any family that are members of the church. I'm grateful for the good family and examples that we are surrounded by. Again Jon is already asleep (which is surprising because his family is really loud- they kind of remind me of our family in that way). Here are some picture from the wedding yesterday-

Ok not the most flattering picture of the two of us, but this is us at the wedding.
Yes, they had swan ice sculptures. This was at the end when they were taking them down, but they were pretty awesome.

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