Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day 6- Danshui

This morning when we left we stopped by the Mos burger for breakfast. I was a little worried about eating because I didn't know how my stomach would deal with having food in it again, but it was ok. At Mos burger I got a breakfast sandwich that was similar to an egg and cheese mcmuffin except that it had lettuce on it. It was pretty good but I wasn't feeling quite hungry enough to finish it so I made Jon eat the rest of it. After that we got on the train to go all the way up to Danshui. Danshui is the northern-most stop on the train and where Lloyd lives is one of the farthest south so it was a train ride of almost an hour to get up there. I took a picture of the trains. They remind me a lot of the tube in London. We have little cards that we beep to get through a little gate and then we go down to the train and we beep again when we leave the train station. The train wasn't too full when we left this morning. It hasn't been too busy most of the time when we have been riding it. There was one day when we were going home at around the time lots of people were getting off work so there were lots of people standing, but we weren't really packed in too bad.

When we got to Danshui we walked around some of the shops and bought some stuff and then we went to McDonald's for lunch. I think Jon wanted me to have some food that wasn't like the stuff I had thrown up the day before. I was pretty grateful for this and I had chicken nuggets and fries and Jon had a Big Mac. The next thing we did was my favorite thing we did all day- We rented a tandem bike for two hours and rode around on some boardwalks and bike trails next to the ocean (they call it river, but really it is just like an inlet because hardly anything is flowing into it and going to the ocean).

We rode the bike down to this bridge and then back up. Luckily there were only a few hills that we had to go up. I had never ridden a tandem bike before so that was really fun and I got to sit in the back and relax while Jon did most of the work.

After our bike ride of approximately 20 km we got some tall ice cream. It wasn't amazingly tasty but it was pretty good and it was cold.
We then took a boat ride up to the fisherman's warf. This is us on the boat ride up there.

The main reason we went up to the fisherman's warf is because there is this cool bridge that is called lovers bridge so we took a few pictures. I think Jon felt really awkward taking a picture while kissing because Taiwanese people rarely kiss in public.

We got some giant smashed out breaded chicken things for dinner. They were pretty good and I didn't feel bad that I wasn't able to finish the whole thing because no one was watching me eat it. Also because we didn't eat all of it we tossed a few little pieces of chicken to a little dog that came up to us while we were eating. (In this picture you can seen some of the cool new earrings that I got earlier today)

Here is another shot of us by the bridge when it was lit up. You can't really tell in this picture but the lights on the tall part of the bridge were mostly green and there were also some pinkish ones.

After we were done up at the bridge we got back on the boat and went back down to the main part of the city. We walked around a few more shops and looked to see if this place that Jon went on his mission that had amazing mango ice things was still open because we walked by the one in Taipei and it was closed. Sadly this one was gone too, so I will probably not get to have one of those. We got back on the train and rode the train back to Lloyd's. We decided to stop and get a mango bingsha because we didn't get to have the other mango thing. Bingshas are kind of like a slushy/icy drink and they are pretty tasty. We are now home hanging out in our room and waiting for Lloyd to get home so we can show him the stuff we bought today. Oh that reminds me of an interesting Taiwan fact: They don't have the same work-type laws that we have in the US so they can ask you to work crazy hours and not pay you overtime and if you won't work the crazy hours then they will probably just fire you. That is why it is almost 11 pm and Lloyd isn't back from work yet.

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