Wednesday, May 5, 2010

We made it - a male perspective

So, I'm here on the couch at the Zhou residence giving Andrea some extra time to sleep and I thought I would write what the experience was like for me. Pretty much all of the terminals were the same from when I left SLC to Taipei last time so while we were in airports I was enjoying thinking things like, 'that's the phone I used to call home from the airport' or 'that's where I sat while I waited for the flight'. Like Andrea said we did try to stay awake on the main flight from LAX to TPE, but I would say that I failed the most (probably why I'm awake now and she isn't) but I think it'll be okay, my body feels like it is morning now, and it is morning now. We'll see if I have enough energy to make it through the day. I must say that I got lucky in my meal pickings on the flight though, the only reason I picked beef over chicken is because I like beef more (turns out the beef was rather flavorful but the noodles weren't so I ate the beef first and then mixed the beef juice with the noodles to make it work) and the only reason I picked eggs was because it was the obvious choice over porridge. I forget how humid tropical islands are, it's kind of mind blowing actually. I will say that my skin is enjoying it though.

Our plans for the day are:

  • go to chang kai shek memorial hall
mainly because it's close to the Temple (spoiler alert!) and it'll give us something to do. Slash, it's really famous.
  • Go to the temple
We'll be going to the 2:00 session, it'll be fun to listen in Chinese again.
  • Taipei 101
We're going at night on purpose so that we can see the beautiful views of Taipei at night, we'll make sure to take lots of pictures.

Anyway, I've emptied my brain for now.

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