Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Taiwan... we made it

After traveling for FOREVER we finally made it to Taiwan. We left Utah 5/4/10 at about 1 then arrived in LAX about an hour an a half later. We then waited around in the airport for three hours for our flight to Taipei to leave. After 13 hours on that plane we landed in Taiwan on 5/5/10 at about 10. I discovered that I might be pickier than I thought because the food on the airplane was super yucky. Not too long after we left the US we were served a dinner. I picked the chicken option; it wasn't too bad except for the fact that it didn't taste like anything so I didn't bother finishing it. Toward the end of the flight they brought around another meal (breakfast I guess because we left LA at 5 local time and then we got this meal 12 hours later). They had two options for "breakfast" scrambled eggs or porridge. Jon picked eggs so I figured I would try the other one. Bad idea. My meal came with tuna floss- this was my first clue that I might not like this. I didn't open the tuna floss because I associate flossing with getting things between my teeth and the idea of anything tuna flavored stuck between my teeth like that was not appetizing. I'm sure the tuna floss was probably more like tuna paste but still I didn't even want to go there. I ate the half a hard boiled egg and roll that came with my breakfast and then decided I would take a peek at what was under the tin foil that the flight attendant had called porridge. I peeled back a corner of the foil and knew I would not be eating most of this. I bravely plunged my green plastic spoon into the white goo that was sprinkled with green onions and something that might have been meat. I scooped up a little bit without any mysterious things on top of it and took a small bite. This tasted like fish and blandness. I tried to take another bite but I couldn't force myself to down the whole spoonful. After this I decided that I'm just going to order whatever Jon orders from here on out because rather than tuna paste his eggs came with strawberry yogurt and little apple pastry. Ok now that I got the whole food part out of the way- while on the flight I decided it would be better if I tried to stay up rather than sleep because we would be arriving at night and then I could get quickly adjusted to the new time zone. To keep myself awake I watched a few movies some were good some were stupid. I watched a french film called Le Petite Nicholas, it was about a little French boy and it was pretty cute and funny. Besides watching movies I knitted a hat and I took a nap. I didn't sleep much on the plane so I'm pretty tired now. After we went through customs and got all our luggage and everything Jon's friend Lloyd met us outside. We walked to his car in the humid warmth and I was getting really warm in my long sleeve shirt and jacket that I had left Utah in. Lloyd drove us to his house and we met his family. He is the only one that speaks English and I'm the only one that doesn't speak Chinese. I going to have to try to get used to not knowing anything that anyone is talking about. I can kind of tell when people are talking about me and I can kind of figure out the topic of conversation from Jon because of his attitude when he talks about things. That probably doesn't make sense, but its true. Lloyd's family is really polite and very sweet to let us stay with them. I took a shower before I started writing this and I realized that I probably won't feel dry the whole time I'm here. Putting on clothes when you still feel wet is not my favorite thing ever, but I will survive. I'm super excited for all the things we are going to do and see here. I don't think it has fully sunk in that I'm in Taiwan, maybe it will when I'm more awake. Here are some picture we took on the plane. Travel pictures are always so flattering.

This is when I finished my hat. The lights were off in the airplane so this is the best we could do with the little individual lights. (I think I look like one of Santa's elves)

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