Sunday, July 29, 2012

Girl's Camp

I thought I should put up a few of the pictures I took at camp on my blog. Camp was awesome and I think all the girls had a really good time. Just for record keeping purposes camp was June 19-23 and it was at Mia Shalom. 
Home sweet home for the week
 Most of the picture I took on Wednesday when we were doing things as a stake with their certification years. They had a confidence course, canoeing, volleyball, and certification that they did that afternoon. 

 Some of my girls back at camp being silly

 Practicing for our skit

 Singing camp songs at the amphitheater. I don't think it was this night but we did get an award one time for our energy and participation in the singing.  

We had a lot of fun at camp and I am going to miss ALL my young women when we move.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


So for the few people that read my blog and the even smaller group of people that read my blod that don't already know... I'm pregnant!!

I wrote some random posts earlier on and didn't publish them until now. I decided that there are some members of the Snow family that read my blog and they will be finding out I am pregnant or think I'm getting fat at our reunion this weekend anyway, so here you go.

Most of the time I have been feeling really good. I actually haven't thrown up this pregnancy which is awesome because I HATE throwing up. I am almost 15 weeks now, so hopefully I am in the clear now and this will be a puke free pregnancy.

I haven't had much time to post anything because life in crazy, but I will try to write a better update later.


I probably wont publish this until a little while later because most people don't know I'm pregnant, but I feel gross. I'm like 6 and a half weeks pregnant and the nausea part is really starting to hit me today. It started right around 6 weeks and it seems like it is getting worse. Today has been just a rough day so far. I haven't actually thrown up which I guess is good, but feeling like it almost all the time is not pleasant. So about how today is bad. I have started in with the pregnancy road rage again. Today I was running late dropping off Danny to Karen (who I am very grateful for because she is doing this for us). This wouldn't have been an issue normally but she had to go pick up Melinda's kids and I was all stressed that she was going to make Melinda late because I was late. So I was all stressed and then when I was getting on the freeway and the person in the lane that I needed to merge into because my lane was ending decided to speed up so I slowed down and then they slowed down I just lost it and yelled at them and then cried. I'm just glad I had already dropped off Danny because I don't want him repeating what I said.

Ok I think I feel a little better now that I vented a little bit. I guess it is good that I am having symptoms because that probably means the baby is doing good. So as an FYI I'm due 1/3/13, but I am really hoping that I have the baby before the end of the year so I don't have to pay my deductible twice.

1st OB appointment and all is well

I had my first OBGYN appointment today and everything sounds good. The doctor was a little worried because I haven't been as nauseaous as I was the first time around. I have felt pretty crappy but I haven't actually thrown up yet and most of the time I have just felt yucky rather than feeling like puking. Anyway the doctor got out the doppler ultrasound machine and with his disclaimer that you usually can't hear a heartbeat this early stuck it on my stomach. He found a good heart beat really quick and said that was really good because that means we have a viable baby in there. I still feel pretty crappy and irritable, but I am happy to know that I really am pregnant and I'm not just feeling fat and cranky.